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10 x 3 Graças

"Not even the gods arrange dances or feasts without the holy Graces, who oversee everything that is done in heaven; with their thrones set beside Pythian Apollo of the golden bow, they worship the everlasting honor of the Olympian father. Lady Aglaia, and Euphrosyne, lover of dance and song, daughters of the strongest god, listen now; and you, Thalia, passionate for dance and song, having looked with favor on this victory procession, stepping lightly in honor of gracious fortune. [...]

Pindar, Olympian 14, 5ss. In: Odes. Pindar. Diane Svarlien. 1990.

 THE THREE KHARITES | THE GRACES, Fresco, Imperial Roman IV Style,
Pompeii, House of Titus Dentatus Panthera, ca 65 -79 AD,
Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Napoli, Naples, Italy.
Sandro Boticelli, Primavera (detalhe), 1482, têmpera sobre painel.
Rafaello Sanzio, The Three Graces, 1504-6, óleo sobre madeira.
Hans Baldung, The Three Graces, 1520, óleo sobre madeira.
Peter Paul Rubens, The Three Graces, 1636-8, óleo sobre tela.
Pablo Picasso, The Three Graces, 1925, óleo sobre tela.
Jenó Medveczky, Three Graces, 1934, óleo sobre tela.
Man Ray, The Three Graces, 1969, litografia.
Charles Williams, The Three Graces, s/d, óleo sobre tela.
Niki de Saint Phalle, 1999, Le Trois Grâces, instalação, New York Avenue.

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