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From what he [Logue] tells us in Prince Charming, his book of memoirs, it seems that it was the absolute unlikeness of the Greek poem to anything modern that decided the matter.
'The Greeks are not humanistic,' Wakefield warned him, 'not Christian, not sentimental. Please try to understand that. They are musical.'
So, eager to understand, and guided by Carne-Ross, who told him which published translations to consult and supplied him with dead-literal cribs of his own, Logue undertook the labours that were to lead, more than two decades later, in 1981, to a volume which described itself as 'An Account of Books 16 to 19 of Homer's Iliad', and which had the word Music in its title.

Christopher Reid no prefácio a Logue's Homer: War Music (Faber and Faber, 2001),

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