quinta-feira, 23 de agosto de 2012

Integer Vitae

Integer Vitae

                                        Did you then say
circumscribed betrayal; did you say, the years,
the years alone have done this, circumambient,
did you so propose?

                                        The years will not
answer for what they have done, that much
is certain. There is no shaking them, we
might have foreseen this

                                        but refused.
No, refusal's too much said for such freedom.
What fails here is fail-safe, our modus
conjured by slide-rule.

                                        Ha! We can choose,
vivify what we catch from others' voices.
Thence to imperatives if you stall in
any manner of theme.

the freedom and constraint outside of this
transient lock that is itself both
end and motive.

                                        Juggling music
for piccolo and snare-drum, for any other
ad hoc hocketing of joy, always provided
there remains silence.  

Geoffrey Hill. A Treatise of Civil Power. Yale University Press (2007).

Integer vitae scelerisque purus
non eget Mauris jaculis neque arcu
nec venenatis gravida sagittis,
  Fusce, pharetra,

sive per Syrtis iter aestuosa
sive facturus per inhospitalem
Caucasum vel quae loca fabulosus
  lambit Hydaspes.

Namque me silva lupus in Sabina,
dum meam canto Lalagem et ultra
terminum curis vagor expeditis,
  fugit inermem,

quale portentum neque militaris
Daunias latis alit aesculetis
nec Jubae tellus generat, leonum
  arida nutrix.

Pone me pigris ubi nulla campis
arbor aestiva recreatur aura,
quod latus mundi nebulae malusque
  Juppiter urget;

pone sub curru nimium propinqui
solis in terra domibus negata:
dulce ridentem Lalagen amabo,
  dulce loquentem.

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