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Newness of Sense, Antiquity of Voice! [Hino à Filologia — Ben Jonson]

So that my Reader is assur'd, I now
Mean what I speak, and still will keep that Vow,
Stand forth my Object, then, you that have been
Ever at home; yet have all Countries seen:
And like a Compass, keeping one Foot still
Upon your Center, do your Circle fill
Of general Knowledge; watch'd Men, Manners too,
Heard what times past have said, seen what ours do:
Which Grace shall I make love to first? your Skill,
Or Faith in things? or is't your Wealth and Will
T' instruct and teach? or your unweary'd pain
Of Gathering? Bounty in pouring out again?
What Fables have you vext! what Truth redeem'd!
Antiquities search'd! Opinions dis-esteem'd!
Impostures branded, and Authorities urg'd,
What Blots and Errors have you watch'd and purg'd
Records and Authors of! how rectified,
Times, Manners, Customs! Innovations spied!
Sought out the Fountains, Sources, Creeks, Paths, Ways,
And noted the Beginnings and Decays!
Where is that Nominal Mark, or Real Rite,
Form, Act or Ensign, that hath scap'd your sight?
How are Traditions there examin'd! how
Conjectures retreiv'd! and a Story now
And then of Times (besides the bare Conduct
Of what it tells us) weav'd in to instruct.
I wonder'd at the Richness, but am lost,
To see the Workmanship so 'xceed the Cost!
To mark the excellent seas'ning of your Stile!
And Manly Elocution, not one while
With Horror rough, then rioting with Wit!
But to the Subject still the Colours fit,
In sharpness of all Search, wisdom of Choice,
Newness of Sense, Antiquity of Voice!

Ben Jonson. An Epistle to Master John Selden [27-60in Underwoods. Aqui.

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