terça-feira, 24 de abril de 2012

Their Minions

Edward II (1991), de Derek Jarman
Nephew, I must to Scotland: thou stayest here. 
Leave now to oppose thyself against the King: 
Thou seest by nature he is mild and calm; 
And seeing his mind so dotes on Gaveston, 
Let him without controlment have his will. 
The mightiest Kings have had their minions 
Great Alexander loved Hephaestion, 
The conquering Hercules for Hylas wept, 
And for Patroclus stern Achilles droop'd. 
And not kings only, but the wisest men; 
The Roman Tully loved Octavius, 
Grave Socrates wild Alcibiades. 
Then let his grace, whose youth is flexible, 
And promiseth as much as we can wish, 
Freely enjoy that vain lightheaded earl; 
For riper years will wean him from such toys.

Marlowe, Edward II, Acto I, Cena IV

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