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Um Mundo A Teus Pés #1

Romanian archaeologists from Alba Iulia have discovered a Roman temple dedicated to the goddess Nemesis within the fortress in the city. A statue of the goddess, a bas relief and a votive altar were found inside the fortress.

The temple was discovered during works to revamp the interior area of ​​the Fortress of Alba Iulia and is included within the Roman camp of the Legion XIII Gemina, according to Constantin Inel from the National Museum of Unification in Alba Iulia, quoted by Mediafax newswire.

In recent years, archaeologists from Alba Iulia found many fragments of the old Roman fortress of Legion XIII Gemina during redevelopment works of the inner area of Vauban Citadel in ​​the city. The first discovery was made near the Third Gate of the Citadel, where the foundation of one of Roman soldiers barracks was discovered, while another important discovery was made in the Fourth Gate of the Citadel, where research excavations have revealed an altar from the Roman period.

The Alba Iulia fortress was built in the early eighteenth century, between 1714-1738 and is considered to be the most representative Vauban fortification in Romania.

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