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Ontem Como Hoje §2: O Poder & A Moda

Greek men wore beards, but Alexander seems to have done much to change this fashion, almost single-handedly. Alexander shaved, perhaps to reinforce his image as the new Achilles, perpetually young, energetic and beautiful. This set the fashion for Alexander's Macedonians, as well as for the Seleucids, Ptolemies, Antigonids and Greek elites who divided his empire. At around the same tame, the Roman elite also began to shave (according to Varro and Pliny), and from 300 BCE a clean face, or at least a short, tidy beard, was de rigueur among senators and equestrians. Even Aristotle surrendered to fashion (DL 5.1).

William Desmond, Cynics (pg. 81)
Acumen, Stocksfield: 2006.

Legend has it that JFK single-handedly killed the hat industry by being the first President not to wear a hat to his inauguration. While JFK did wear a hat en route to the ceremony, he removed it before addressing the crowd. The hat industry started to decline shortly after Kennedy’s promotion to the Oval Office, prompting many to believe he was the cause of death.

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