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Breves Notas Sobre as Ligações §1

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He [Zenão] proved himself an excellent man in both philosophy and politics. At least his books are thought to be full of much wisdom. And when he wished to overthrow Nearchus the tyrant (some say Diomedon), he was arrested, as Heraclides says in his summary of Satyrus. When he was tortured to find out about his co-conspirators and the arms he brought to Lipara, he named all the tyrant's friends, wishing to make him feel deserted. Then  he had something to whisper in his ear about some people, he bit on to the tyrant's ear and did not let go until he was run through, suffering the same fate as the tyrant-slayer Aristogiton. But Demetrius says in Men With the Same Name that he bit off his nose. Antisthenes in the Successions says that after naming the tyrant's friends, he was asked by the tyrant if there was anyone else, and he said, "You are the one who has sinned against the city". To those present he said, "I am appalled at your cowardice, that for fear of the things which I suffer you would be slaves to a tyrant", and finally biting off his own tongue he spat it at him. The citizens being roused by this immediately stoned the tyrant to death.

Zenão DK A1 (= Diógenes Laércio 9.26-7) 
The Texts of Early Greek Philosophy, Cambridge: 2010 (trad.: Daniel Graham).

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