sexta-feira, 30 de setembro de 2011

An Ancient Greek Debt Solution

The blade of sovereign default is hanging unsteadily over the neck of the euro zone. Greece will be first – of this investors are certain. But fears are rising that Ireland and Portugal will follow soon after. So what should be done? What’s past is prologue: History is littered with sovereign defaults. For some answers, let’s go back — WAY back. The first recorded sovereign default appears to have happened in, um, Greece, according to “Foreign Bonds: An Autopsy,” by Max Winkler and Thomas H. Healy. (In fairness to Greece, the first recorded instances of many things are in Greece. ) The year was around 400 B.C.; Plato was an up-and-coming young philosopher; and Dionysius of Syracuse, a noted tyrant, had a problem: He’d borrowed too much money from his subjects.

(no entanto, este site regista um outro primeiro incumprimento, também grego)

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